Lō͘-se-a ê liân-pang chú-thé

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露西亞 (Lō͘-se-a)聯邦 (Liân-pang)主體 (chú-thé) (露西亞語 (Lō͘-se-a-gí): субъекты Российской Федерации),簡千 (kán-chheng)聯邦主體 (субъекты федерации), ()露西亞 (ê)組成 (cho͘-sêng)實體 (si̍t-thé),是露西亞憲法 (Hiàn-hoat)規定 (kui-tēng)第一 (tē-it) (kip)政治 (chèng-tī)分區 (hun-khu)

類別 (Lūi-pia̍t)[edit]

Federal subjects of Russia。

逐个 (Ta̍k-ê)聯邦主體 (lóng) (sio̍k) ()下跤 (ē-kha)鬼若 (kúi-nā) (chióng)類別:

類別 苗術 (Biâu-su̍t)
  46 的 
The most common type of federal subject with a governor and locally elected legislature。 Commonly named after their administrative centres。
  22 的 共和國
Nominally autonomous,[1][2] each has its own constitution and legislature; is represented by the federal government in international affairs; is meant (to)be home都a specific ethnic minority。
  9 的 邊疆區
Essentially the same as oblasts。 The title "krai" ("frontier" or "territory") is historic, related to geographic (frontier) position in a certain period of history。 The current krais are not related to frontiers。
  4 的 自治區
With a substantial or predominant ethnic minority。
  3 的 聯邦市
Major cities that function as separate regions。
  1 的 自治州
(Chí) (ū)猶太 (Iû-thài)自治州 (Chū-tī-chiu) (chi̍t) (ê)自治州

參考 (Chham-khó)[edit]

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